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Sun Guard

Sun Guard Tractor Canopies #1 Tractor Canopy Made in the USA. This tractor canopy at  $254.95 plus $40.00 shipping is a great value. The Sun Guard tractor canopy is not brand specific, it doesn’t care whose ROPS it is attached to.


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Strength Test

The ABS Canopy shell is shown supported by the four corners with 210# of weights stacked in the middle. Will this bend the unit? Yes, but it has great resiliency and will straighten right back out without bending. Made from the same material as dumpster covers and pickup liners, this stuff can take a beating and bounce right back. Is it indestructible? NO, but if you do destroy it by running into an immovable object , the replacement cost is much less than a fiberglass unit.

The support struts strength test shows 200# of weights being supported by the steel tubing structure and Universal Brackets. The ABS canopy shell weighs approx 15 lbs. Giving a plus support factor of at least 13 to 1.